Top 5 Websites to Buy Cheap Stock Footage

For the past 30 years, stock footage has been playing an important role in media projects. They are commonly used for various projects and broadcast around the world in order to create an effective and successful production. With the help of stock agencies, creatives have not only saved time but money too. If you are looking for a website to purchase cheap stock footage, here are the top stock media sites that can help make your dream projects come alive:

  1. Shutterstock
    One of the most popular stock sites in the market, Shutterstock boasts the largest library with over 180 million assets. Over 9 million of which are stock footage clips in various styles and themes. Most of their footage is in HD. They also have a large selection of 4K clips. You can download a single clip in HD for as low as $79. For huge savings, purchase a video pack – which will only expire when you’ve used up your video downloads or after 1 year.
  2. Videoblocks
    The first subscription-based resource of cheap stock footage, Videoblocks allows you to download an unlimited number of videos for one low monthly-fee from their very own pool of 115,000 high quality footages. You can also purchase videos a la carte from the Marketplace, where 5 million additional videos are available from a global community of artists. The $99 plan comes with unlimited footage downloads, plus $19 per HD clip price upon subscription.
  3. iStock
    Being in the industry longer than any other stock agency, iStock offers a large collection of footages at affordable prices. They also feature exclusive cheap stock footage if you are looking for clips that you will not find in other websites. The stock site sells video clips in credits, depending on exclusivity. The Essentials collection are non-exclusive and affordable at 6 credits each. The Signature collection, however, are exclusive high-value productions priced at 18 credits each.
  4. Adobe Stock
    Adobe Stock recently added stock footage to their library and they are awesome. A single video costs $79 at HD and $199 for 4K clips. The buying system is easy and quick. Just choose a footage, enter your payment details and you’re done. If you are a Creative Cloud user, you will find the stock site perfect as it is integrated with Adobe apps. You can access, license and manage videos right inside your favorite editing software.
  5. Pond5
    One of the first agencies successful in stock footage, Pond5 has over 5.5 million videos in their library. Videographers price their own clips, so you have a wide range of prices to choose from. Footage are sold in credits with 1 credit equals $1. Subscription are also available, giving you access to curated clips and various download amounts. If you are looking for cheap stock photos, Pond5 offers pricing and plans that make the best out of your budget.

These top 5 stock agencies bring you huge numbers of contents at affordable prices. To further your savings, visit and grab some coupons!

Discover HD Clips and 4K Footage at iStock Video

Producing high quality videos does not only take time, money and skills. It also includes a great selection of stock footage that blends seamlessly with original shots. With the saturation of stock videos in the market, it can be difficult to find one that perfectly fits your work of art. Fortunately, we know just where to find it – iStock Video.

iStock has been in the stock media industry for over 15 years, providing creative like you with high quality, royalty free images, illustrations, audio files and video clips. It was acquired by Getty Images in 2006, helping it propel to the top list of stock media resources.

Here are a few reasons why the stock site is a valuable ally when it comes to getting video clips for your net project:

  • Priced by collection. iStock has two types of collection – Essentials and Signature. All stock videos are priced according to collection. Essentials videos cost 6 credits, while Signature videos cost 18 credits. You don’t have to pay extra fees for higher definition content.
  • The stock agency has millions of footage clips in its library. Covering various themes and styles, you will surely find the video that fits most your project. For standard shots at the lowest price, the Essentials collection is your best option. If you are looking for exclusive, high quality videos, the Signature collection is the right pool for you.
  • Image Resolution. Majority of the stock footages in the library are in HD and 4K clips. SD videos are available if you are looking for low-priced options.
  • Affordable Prices. iStock videos are available via credits, which you can purchase in packs. The cheapest videos in the website cost 6 credits or $60.
  • Royalty Free License. All footage in the stock site come with a royalty free license, which grants multiple and perpetual usage rights for a one-time flat fee. It is the standard iStock video license.

Are you looking for HD clips and 4K footage at the lowest price? Visit iStock and discover stock footage that you will not find anywhere else.